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  1. Liberty Armand trestle table in brown

    SKU: 242-DR-TRS
    $959.75 $2,020.52 Your Saving:- 1060.77
  2. Liberty Armand buffet in brown

    SKU: 242-CB6440
    $1,064.41 $2,240.86 Your Saving:- 1176.45
  3. Liberty Armand upholstered side chair in brown

    SKU: 242-C6501S
    $584.54 $1,230.60 Your Saving:- 646.06
  4. Liberty Furniture Thornwood Hills Kids Four Drawer Chest

    SKU: LBF759-BR40
    $734.62 $1,546.57 Your Saving:- 811.95
  5. Liberty Furniture Thornwood Hills Kids Barn Door Dresser

    SKU: LBF759-BR30
    $878.78 $1,850.06 Your Saving:- 971.28
  6. Liberty Furniture Thornwood Hills Kids Dresser Mirror

    SKU: LBF759-BR50
    $134.29 $282.71 Your Saving:- 148.42
  7. Liberty Furniture Driftwood Finish Four Door Accent Cabinet

    SKU: LBF2064-AC6838
    $1,017.01 $2,141.08 Your Saving:- 1124.07
  8. Liberty Furniture Weathered Brown Accent bar Trolley

    SKU: LBF2052-AT4739
    $720.80 $1,517.47 Your Saving:- 796.67
  9. Liberty Furniture Three Door Wine Accent Cabinet

    SKU: LBF2041-AC5636
    $780.04 $1,642.19 Your Saving:- 862.15
  10. Liberty Furniture Two Door Wine Accent Cabinet

    SKU: LBF2041-AC3839
    $659.58 $1,388.59 Your Saving:- 729.01
  11. Liberty Furniture Accent End Table in Railroad Road Brown

    SKU: LBF2073-AT1020
    $193.53 $407.43 Your Saving:- 213.90
  12. Liberty Allyson Park Crown Dresser Mirror in brown

    SKU: 417B-BR52
    $264.62 $557.10 Your Saving:- 292.48
  13. Liberty Allyson Park Five Drawer Chest in brown

    SKU: 417B-BR41
    $922.22 $1,941.52 Your Saving:- 1019.30
  14. Liberty Allyson Park Eight Drawer Dresser in brown

    SKU: 417B-BR31
    $1,007.14 $2,120.29 Your Saving:- 1113.15

24 Items

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At Liberty Furniture, Our Mission is Providing High quality Furniture with on trend design with honesty, pride, and originality. We believe in the Liberty Way, setting high standards and dedication to find a way to say yes. We are a privately owned business that designs value-driven, quality furniture. In 1992, began with a vision of a company that would thrive on the values of hard-work, fairness, and integrity. This initiative and passion for success is visible to this day and is at the very heart of Liberty. For over 25 years, Liberty Furniture has strived to become one of the top sellers of high-quality wood products at an affordable value, growing from originally selling only chairs and table tops to an assortment of products including: bedroom, dining, entertainment, occasional, and home office furniture. With the help of industry leading designers, Liberty is able to offer products produced from high-quality wood with unique finishes and durable hardware. Our products are categorized into a wide variety of different styles ranging from Contemporary, Cottage, European Traditional, Farmhouse, Mission, Rustic, Solids, Traditional, Transitional, Urban, and Vintage. We offer top-tier service to assist customers in selecting a product that never fails to satisfy.

Our products are developed using years of knowledge coupled with a vision of the future. By working with industry leading designers and top tier factories, Liberty is well positioned to provide quality products at a great value. We use high-quality wood with the best veneers and conduct an extensive, detail-oriented finishing process, including some level of distressing. In addition, we build our products with high-level hardware to ensure durability.

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