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  1. Vaughan Bassett Chestnut Creek Two Drawer Nightstand

  2. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Mansion Platform Bed with Low Profile Footboard

  3. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Mansion Platform Bed

    SKU: VBP559MPB
  4. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Louvered Platform Bed with Low Profile Floorboard

    SKU: VBP140LB
  5. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Three Drawer Night Stand

    SKU: VBP227NS
  6. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Door Chest

    SKU: VBP117DC
  7. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Five Drawer Chest

    SKU: VBP115CH
  8. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Dresser Mirror

    SKU: VBP447DM
  9. Vaughan Bassett Passageways Six Drawer Dresser

    SKU: VBP14DR
  10. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Mantel Bed

    SKU: 740BMB
  11. Vaughan Bassett Bonanza Two Drawer Nightstand

    SKU: BNS
  12. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Upholstered Bed

  13. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Arched Bed

    SKU: 74ARCBD
  14. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Two Drawer Nighstand

    SKU: 74-227
  15. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow One Drawer Nighstand

    SKU: 740-226
  16. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Door Chest

    SKU: 740-117
  17. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Five Drawer Chest

    SKU: 740-115
  18. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Master Arch Mirror

    SKU: 740-448
  19. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Landscape Mirror

    SKU: 740-445
  20. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Six Drawer Dresser

    SKU: 740-001
  21. Vaughan Bassett Bungalow Nine Drawer Master Dresser

    SKU: 740-002
  22. Vaughan Bassett Chestnut Creek Plank Headboard and Footboard

    SKU: 160-558-855-922PL
  23. Vaughan Bassett Chestnut Creek Panel Bed with Panel Footboard

    SKU: 160-559-955-922P
  24. Vaughan Bassett Chestnut Creek One Drawer Nightstand

    SKU: 160-226N
  25. Vaughan Bassett Chestnut Creek Five Drawer Chest

    SKU: 160-115C
  26. Vaughan Bassett Chestnut Creek Eight Drawer Linen Chest

    SKU: 160-004C
  27. Vaughan Bassett Chestnut Creek Landscape Dresser Mirror

    SKU: 160-446M
  28. Vaughan Bassett Chestnut Creek Six Drawer Dresser

    SKU: 160-003DR
  29. Vaughan Bassett Bonanza Five Drawer Storage Chest

    SKU: BB29CH
  30. Vaughan Bassett Bonanza 52 inch Two Drawer Laptop Desk with Charging Station


Items 1-30 of 41

Set Descending Direction

Where is Vaughan Bassett Furniture Made?

In 1919, Vaughan Basset Furniture started manufacturing the best bedroom furniture in Galax, Virginia.

The company prides itself on dealing with high-quality bedroom furniture made in the USA only. It assures the samewith a workforce of around 700 employed across its factories in Elkin, North Carolina, and Galax, Virginia.

In fact, the company is the largest US-based wooden bedroom furniture manufacturer.

Besides, Vaughan Basset also deploys the best material for manufacturing its range of bedroom furniture collections. It uses solid woods like Maple, Ash, and Oak and real wood veneers. Moreover, the company grows and harvests this wood near its southeast plant.

Where can I buy Vaughan Bassett Furniture at the discounted price in New Jersey, NJ?

You should start by looking for the best bedroom furniture discount stores. Since Vaughan Basset Company deploys US-based manufacturing, you should consider the ones dealing with high-quality products made in the USA only.

And since you are looking for affordable bedroom furniture, you should compare different stores in terms of price and quality. Other factors like delivery charges and other hidden feesalso come into play. Besides, with a little planning, you can also save more in the long run. Evaluating your space, budget, and preferences helps find the best affordable bedroom furniture, saving future repurchases.

Bergen Furniture and Design is known for its quality bedroom furniture collection, featuring US-based craftsmanship, customer-oriented service, free delivery, and more. Plus, you can go through the site’s sale section to find the right bedroom furniture on a budget.

Vaughan Bassett Furniture Collections.

Bonanza, Bungalow, Sawmill, Casual Retreat, Highlands, Chestnut Creek, Cool Rustic, Maple Road, Sedgwick, Heritage, Passageways.

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