Accent Chairs

Accent Chairs

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  1. Universal Furniture Curated Soho Accent Chair

    SKU: 457505-776
    $1,213.07 $2,587.87 Your Saving:- 1374.80
  2. Universal Furniture Curated Smith Chair

    SKU: 992503-985
    $1,303.20 $2,780.16 Your Saving:- 1476.96
  3. Universal Furniture Curated Sloane Chair

    SKU: 685503-615
    $1,348.32 $2,876.42 Your Saving:- 1528.10
  4. Universal Furniture Curated Scarlet Accent Chair

    SKU: 990515-901-7
    $1,254.54 $2,676.35 Your Saving:- 1421.81
  5. Universal Furniture Curated Riley Chair

    SKU: 679503-619B
    $997.74 $2,128.51 Your Saving:- 1130.77
  6. Universal Furniture Curated Cream Margaux Accent Chair

    SKU: 779505-701
    $1,047.36 $2,234.37 Your Saving:- 1187.01
  7. Universal Furniture Curated Margaux Accent Chair

    SKU: 779505-929
    $1,624.86 $3,466.37 Your Saving:- 1841.51
  8. Universal Furniture Curated Kipling Chair

    SKU: 682553-901-5
    $1,447.17 $3,087.30 Your Saving:- 1640.13
  9. Universal Furniture Curated Black Jensen Accent Chair

    SKU: 687535-653
    $1,441.53 $3,075.26 Your Saving:- 1633.73
  10. Universal Furniture Curated Brown Jensen Accent Chair

    SKU: 687535-650
    $1,156.53 $2,467.26 Your Saving:- 1310.73
  11. Universal Furniture Curated Garrett Accent Chair

    SKU: 687545-670
    $1,529.93 $3,263.84 Your Saving:- 1733.91
  12. Universal Furniture Curated Franklin Street Chair

    SKU: 772503-617
    $1,293.20 $2,758.82 Your Saving:- 1465.62
  13. Universal Furniture Curated Everette Accent Chair

    SKU: 786535-814
    $958.26 $2,044.29 Your Saving:- 1086.03
  14. Universal Furniture Curated Emmerson Side Chair

    SKU: 972503-947
    $1,282.74 $2,736.51 Your Saving:- 1453.77
  15. Universal Furniture Curated Eden Accent Chair

    SKU: 682535-805B
    $1,147.50 $2,448.00 Your Saving:- 1300.50
  16. Universal Furniture Curated Duncan Chair

    SKU: 682513-706
    $2,049.35 $4,371.94 Your Saving:- 2322.59
  17. Universal Furniture Curated Connor Chair

    SKU: 407503-1435-1
    $1,243.83 $2,653.50 Your Saving:- 1409.67
  18. Universal Furniture Curated Carson Accent Chair

    SKU: 990565-799
    $1,499.22 $3,198.34 Your Saving:- 1699.12
  19. Universal Furniture Curated Brice Accent Chair

    SKU: 682543-706
    $1,706.91 $3,641.41 Your Saving:- 1934.50
  20. Universal Furniture Curated Blakely Chair

    SKU: 923503-824
    $1,136.66 $2,424.86 Your Saving:- 1288.20
  21. Universal Furniture Curated Berkeley Chair

    SKU: 417503-623
    $1,564.47 $3,337.54 Your Saving:- 1773.07
  22. Universal Furniture Curated Alpine Valley Accent Chair

    SKU: 889545-922C
    $897.05 $1,913.70 Your Saving:- 1016.65
  23. Universal Furniture Love.Joy.Bliss Instyle Chair

    SKU: 956571-945
    $1,089.16 $2,323.54 Your Saving:- 1234.38
  24. Hooker Sundance Dark Wood Accent Chair

    SKU: 6015-52002-89
    $1,172.30 $2,172.80 Your Saving:- 1000.50
  25. Hooker Cascade White Accent Chair

    SKU: 6120-50001-05
    $1,081.10 $2,003.20 Your Saving:- 922.10
  26. Universal Furniture Curated Moss Wells Accent Chair

    SKU: 786505-796
    $980.25 $2,091.20 Your Saving:- 1110.95
  27. Universal Furniture Curated Churchill Chair

    SKU: 427503-100
    $1,089.54 $2,324.35 Your Saving:- 1234.81

Items 91-120 of 207

Set Descending Direction

Accent Chair - Best for Back Pain Treatment at Home

Yes! Those eye-catching, single-seat, stylish accent chairs can be useful for treating back pain at home. Getting one with a firm armchair and back offers the required support to your body, promoting healthy posture. You can explore our collection to find the best chair for the living room in your home. 

Wherecan I Find Quality Chairs For Small Space?

Small or big, there’s the right chair size available for every room. And there’s this one approach that helps you find the perfect furniture for your place, whatever the room size is. Start by looking around and evaluating where you will place the chair. Then, measure the area and calculate what dimensions would be the best fit. You must take into account furnishings already present and a decent distance you need to maintain from them.

Next, visit your favorite furniture store and explore all the options you have for the desired size. Bergen Furniture and Design could be the best place to buy a chair for your living room. Here, you will find numerous design, style, and color options to make a choice. 

Can I Keep Accent Chairs near Fireplace?

Be it accent chairs or any other furniture, you should be wary of placing it near the fireplace. There is a minimum distance recommended for such a placement, three feet. Placing the accent chair at a distance of fewer than three feet could cause the ember to land on the fabric, leading to damage. However, this isn’t the only factor if you are looking to create a wonderful seating plan.

You should work on the right seating plan surrounding the fireplace and other furnishings. There are three common arrangements, namely H-shaped, L-shaped, and U-shaped. Whatever you choose, you should ensure that seats aren’t facing towards or away from the fireplace directly.For a room with a TV, placing the television adjacent to the fireplace or above the mantelcan help avoid the focal point clash. 

Bergen Furniture and Design - Best Place to Buy Office Chair

Wondering where you can buy the best accent chairs? Bergen Furniture and Design could be the best chair store online where you will get high-quality US-made furniture. Plus, you can get your order delivered for free to your place. 

Explore Accent Chairs for Cheap

While cheap may not be the right fit, we prefer saying best-valued products within budget. Here, you will find products that feature quality craftsmanship and materials, manufactured to meet various décor and furnishing setups. 

Are There any Chairs for Sale Available Now?

Visit the sales section of Bergen Furniture and Design store to find the best affordable chair and ottoman for your home. You can also find matching dinette sets, bedroom furniture, and more at discount.

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